Any SPAM e-mail you have received from the PondaLee domain has been spoofed.  I apologize for this, although it has nothing to do with me or this site.  I have been receiving many bounced e-mails of SPAM that has been caught by SPAM Filters.  Obviously that's a small portion of the SPAM that is being sent.

For those who don't know, "spoofing" is when a SPAMMER uses a legal e-mail address (such as mine) as their return address.  They do this to try to get around SPAM filters and to convince the receiver that the e-mail is legit and, therefore, get them to read it.  Yes, it is illegal.  Unfortunately, tracing the source is next to impossible and doing anything about it is even more so.  It can happen to anyone, they don't care.  The only remaining choice is to change my e-mail address.

If anyone would like to respond to the SPAM they are getting and make the company miserable, I (and many others) would certainly appreciate it.

Steven L. Sears


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